AIMM Technologies

Case Studies

Northwest Alaska Mining Company

For years, the mining company had encountered fouling problems in several areas of their mill operations. With unsuccessful attempts to remove the buildup from the pipes, the fouling had become a critical issue in mill operation. The facility had to construct a new LT return pipe to continue...

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Polymer Cleaning

AIMM "Hydrokinetically" cleaned 14 heat exchangers in the process train of a recovery unit in a petrochemical plant in Houston, Texas. Each exchanger, some plugged for several years, was severely fouled with polymers. With over 500 tubes each, there were 7000 tubes needing AIMM´s cleaning...

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The AIMM Advantage...

Faster. Simpler. Safer.

Not only does AIMM provide turnkey solutions for those seemingly “unsolvable” industrial service applications – we can solve the problem in less time, safely and in an environmentally conscious manner.

AIMM is a fully insured specialty company that provides turnkey solutions, from your most basic to most complicated problems. Our team proudly services refineries, petrochemical plants, utility plants, municipalities and oilfield locations.

AIMM’s customer-driven and technology-focused approach lets us solve problems worldwide in many different industries. No project is too small or too complex for our management team to successfully solve.

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